the name ‘pebiott’ comes from swiss italian’s dialect and means ‘bare foot’. nowadays our feet are becoming weaker and weaker from a muscular point of view and the skin is ever more fragile. the reason for this slight relaxation is down to different factors, one of which is the excessive accommodation of the foot, where the soles of the shoes are too flexible. this can create temporary benefits, but in the long run the feet will result with a weak muscle tone, making them frail and hypersensitive.with pebiott clog sandals you will rediscover the active comfort that our ancestors exercised unconsciously. the foot indirectly receives the stimulus provided by the wood in contact with the ground, actively and rapidly reinforcing the muscles of the foot and the ankle whilst taking a step. the breathable design of the shoe, with its open upper, allows the skin to grow stronger and resistant. all pebiott products are designed and developed in the company’s workshop in switzerland.